Dedicated to the Understanding and Application of Lean Management for the Betterment of the Work Place

Lean Manufacturing

The traditional organization where Lean processes were developed.  Manufacturing companies vary dramatically both in the processes they use and the environmental issues they face.  Implementation approaches need to reflect individual needs determined by management.

Lean Services

Organizations providing services generally have more complicated business relationships.  Although Lean concepts apply, the tools and techniques required to achieve results must be adapted to get results. 

Lean Government

Government entities are characterized by large organizations, very complicated processes and interdependent relationships within departments, agencies and the constituents served.  Determination of value-add activities is difficult and complex.

Lean Process Improvements That Result in Sustained Improvements

Lean Training Institute promotes an implementation process based on an adult learning model that changes the way employees think and behave.  This together with an effective organizational change model and use of the proper change management tools helps to ensure a smooth transition that captures significant benefits along the way.  MOREOVER, THE CHANGES BECOME PERMANENT!

LTI is dedicated to supporting the understanding of the concepts and paradigms of Lean Management and promoting the advancement of these processes in the work environment.


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Lean Training Institute

Lean Training Institute

Lean Training Institute